Image Is Everything – What Does Your Image Say About You?

By Francine Carney Schill

What does your image say about you and your brand?

The successful development of your company depends on your image and brand. What does your brand say about you? Does it evoke the feelings and images you want the consumer to have?

A company’s image is based on the feelings that consumers and other businesses have about you. How you advertise, use sales promotions and market your business are all part of your image.

Corporate names such as Microsoft, Apple, Nike,  and Verizon all bring up very different images in consumers’ minds. The image may vary from person to person, but overall the image is determined by the public’s view.

The characteristics and traits of your image will apply to your branding, as well. The difference between the two is that brands are names assigned to a product or service, while your image covers every aspect of your company. Of course, a brand consists of more than just a name: It can also be a design, symbol or other feature that identifies a company’s product or service.

Develop a Strong Brand Name

Below are some questions to ask when developing a brand name:

1- What are the most influential benefits of your product or service?

2- What word best describes your brand?

3- What is important to consumers who may use or buy your product or service?

4- Do you intend to go global at some point? If so, when deciding on a name, be sure that it’s acceptable in other cultures and doesn’t have a meaning that could hinder future growth.

The goal of your branding is to set yourself apart from everyone else. What makes you unique from other companies that offer the same service or product?

If you don’t have a product but are selling your services, then you ARE the brand. Everything you do will reflect on your business and the brand you are creating.

Be prepared to go through changes as you start and grow your brand and image. Your original concept and version will change and take you in new directions and I’m sure it will go through many more changes.

But no matter the changes that are made, we ALWAYS keep our branding and image foremost in mind as we move forward – and so should you.

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